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About Forever Bloom

How It Started

I have always had a creative nature and a passion for art and flowers. My son sadly suffered from horrid hay fever, which made it difficult to bring the outside in. So, I turned my hand to faux flowers and have never looked back.


I insist on using the highest quality faux flowers, to the point, even up close my clients can’t believe they are not fresh. I'm now combining my love of art and my passion for flowers.

The Vision

I’m incredibly fortunate because I love what I do, I remember my parents telling me, to find my passion and I will never work a day in my life. I’ll wake up in the mornings with a new idea and can't wait to get to work in my studio and see your vision come to life.

As you may have gathered, I’m very passionate about what I do and I’ve been told this shows in my work. When I walk into a space, I can't help visualising how I can improve it even just a little bit.


Nothing is too big or small. And if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, leave it with me.


During our call, we’ll brainstorm different ideas to tailor your dream floral curation. I can’t wait to hear from you.


lorraine captan forever bloom

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